Welcome to LEED Marketing

Welcome to LEED Marketing

Marketing is exciting and fulfilling to say the least.  Many of you have heard that there is money to be made online, and there is, however, one needs to be smart and diligent when choosing what to work with and what not to work with.

There are con artists and scammers as well as hackers out there just waiting for you to take out your credit card, so you need to do your research and ensure you have a good security package installed and up to date before believing everything you read, because you are bound to lose a lot of money before you make a penny and you could also be hacked.

From this blog I aim to provide you with information on what’s hot and what’s not, so make sure you bookmark this page and visit regularly.

There are a variety of ways to make money online.  You can participate in surveys, get paid to read emails, start a blog and monetise it, join affiliate programs, Rev Share systems, PTC traffic systems, YouTube, MLM to name but a few.

Having been an online marketer for quite a few years, I am still trying to nab that one system that would turn my world around by providing me with a passive income.  I know it is out there.  One thing I won’t do is sign up for anything that asks for stupid money.

I know you have probably seen hundreds if not thousands of systems where the person in the video states that they were down and out, flat broke, living in the garage at their parents hoe and one day they had a light bulb moment and creates a system that guaranteed and influx of referrals, and endless PayPal deposits day in and day out, even while you slept.  And this they say if you use their system and duplicate.  Then at the end of the video’s they all say get in now as there are only a set number of seats or places available, and if you joined now you would get a whopping great big discount.  If you join later or tomorrow you will have to pay the full price which is a few thousand dollars.

I mean come on, give me a break.  These guys are not down and out!  What they do is, they buy a script or get a system developed by a programmer and get out there and flog the program like crazy to unsuspecting new comers wanting to create wealth online working from home, and so, this is how they make their fortunes.



I am very health conscious, and for me there is nothing more exciting than knowing that you are saving money, improving your health and the environment which is why I chose to join Norwex as an independent distributor.  Their range of products may seem expensive, but when you consider the savings you will make on not having to purchase chemical cleaners you will appreciate their value.  All you need are the cloths and occasionally water.  You can browse the digital catalogue by click on on the image below.  If you have any questions and would like to know if these products are available for shipping to your country, just ask.  For Australian and New Zealand Customers please visit my website by clicking here: Norwex Independent Consultant  or on the picture below.

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